Monday, February 13, 2012

Lakeville Executive Office Suites Versus A Traditional Lease

Lakeville Executive Suites provides much more than just office space. Services and staff manage the office while business owners or operators run their business. The benefits result in cost savings of up to 60% over a traditional leases and operating costs.  For a new business starting out those savings can make you instead of break you!

People often think that a traditional, long-term lease is the most cost-effective option when looking for office space. The reality is that leases are often restrictive and expensive.  Most lease terms are a minimum of three years, and if you want to change the terms and add or decrease space you are looking at costly increases. A three-year lease has you chained to a space.  With the flexibility of today's work environment and the constant changing and growing in the business world who wants to be tied to one space for so long.  Many companies find they often grow out of spaces very quickly and are stuck in a space that no longer fits their needs.

Leases define the space, but that’s only the beginning to running a successful business. You must make a number of decisions and significant investments in furniture, office equipment with lengthy leases and personal guarantees, staffing, and training to create an office. Not to mention the additional monthly costs such as internet service, telephone service, building fees and more.  Imagine your businesses unable to operate at peak efficiency because you choose an outdated phone and computer systems.  No one wants to spend the time or money researching the options and upgrade, you should be worrying about making your business a success.  Lakeville Executive Suites has done the research for you and provide it all in our services.

Many people believe that leasing is the right way to get premier business locations. There are many disadvantages to leasing though. Leasing space in a prime business location can mean paying astronomical rental prices. To secure a lease in a desirable area, you’ll need to put down a large deposit or personal guarantee. This limits the working capital a business has to invest into the business as well as put you personally at risk.

In comparison, Lakeville Executive Suites give you many advantages that aren't their in traditionally leased spaces. You can save up to 60% of the cost of setting up and operating your own office. You can add or subtract office space and determine the best plan for using office equipment, administrative help and IT services. Lakeville Suites provides you with the meeting space and work room space without having to pay for the additional square footage.  Overall Lakeville Executive Suites saves you money and makes your business professional.  What are you waiting for? Sign up today!


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